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The mission of Advancing the Interests of Animals is to improve the lives of animals and to encourage increased compassion and respect for all living beings. We act directly with focused campaigns to help animals, and through a variety of educational activities and informational efforts.

Our vision is to be an effective, passionate and nationally respected advocate for all animals.


Animals Today adds three more stations to line-up!

The Animals Today team is pleased to announce that three additional stations have picked up the show!

Animals Today continues to grow! These three stations join recently added stations in Atlanta, Palm Springs and San Francisco / San Jose.

Thanks for your continued support of Animals Today.

Animals Today with Dr. Lori Kirshner - Your home for serious talk about animals. Sundays, …


International Homeless Animals' Day

Join animal advocates around the world as they hold Candlelight Vigils to commemorate the millions of homeless dogs and cats killed every year.

Animal lovers of all ages, please join us for our own Coachella Valley event in commemoration of International Homeless Animals' Day. On this evening once again we will gather to remember and honor the millions of dogs and cats who are killed every …


Announcing: Coachella Valley Animal Campus (CVAC) Volunteer Orientation

Great things are happening at the CVAC shelter and we want to encourage the community to be a part of it! Advancing the Interest of Animals has teamed up with CVAC to grow and energize the volunteer program at the shelter. CVAC welcomes all new volunteers, so bring a friend or two! Be sure to bring your Driver’s License or I.D. and Social Security Number! Note: Background checks will be performed …