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The mission of Advancing the Interests of Animals is to improve the lives of animals and to encourage increased compassion and respect for all sentient beings. We act directly with focused campaigns to help animals through a variety of educational activities and informational efforts. Our vision is to be an effective, passionate and nationally respected advocate for all animals.

Tell Riverside, "No more exotic animals at the Fair."

Please contact the Riverside County Fair Board and ask them to stop permitting the display and abuse of exotic animals at the County Fair.

The 2014 Riverside County Fair and Date Festival just concluded and our team witnessed inhumane activities including a lone baby tiger posing with visitors for photographs, and a lethargic adult tiger lying on his side, unresponsive and breathing rapidly, …


Solving the Problem of Pet Overpopulation: 2014 and Beyond

Presented by Dr. Lori Kirshner

Each year, millions of adoptable dogs and cats are euthanized in the U.S. due to overpopulation. In this presentation, Dr. Kirshner details causes and possible solution to this ongoing tragedy. Drawing upon the latest national and regional statistics as well as the expert opinions from leading animal welfare organizations, Dr. Kirshner explains not only …


Announcing: Coachella Valley Animal Campus (CVAC) Volunteer Orientation

Great things are happening at the CVAC shelter and we want to encourage the community to be a part of it! Advancing the Interest of Animals has teamed up with CVAC to grow and energize the volunteer program at the shelter. The fastest way to become a volunteer is to first fill out the application by going to www.rcdas.org. CVAC welcomes all new volunteers, so bring a friend or two! Be sure to …