Posted on 1 Mar 2015

Report animal abuse

A:  Rita you look upset

B:  I am, and I am not sure what to do.   My neighbor’s dog is tied up outside and he looks very skinny and sick; and I never see food or clean water given to him.

A: You need to report this right away.

B: What do you mean??

A:  You should call animal services or the police and tell them about the abused and neglected dog!  They can help to make sure the dog is properly taken care of.

B. Ok I can’t stand to watch him suffer any more – what’s the number?


Even though most of us take good care of our pets, not everyone treats dogs and cats with the care and compassion they need to be safe and healthy.

If you see that a dog or cat is not being treated properly, report it to animal services or the police right away. Pets need food and clean water and protection from extreme weather. You can make the difference – and you don’t have to give your name.

Help stop pet abuse and neglect. Be their voice. Make the call.

This message provided by Advancing the Interests of Animals and this station.

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